New PC Industrial Weighing Terminal from Aja Ltd.

New PC Industrial Weighing Terminal from Aja Ltd.
Aja Ltd. (UK) - Aja have launched their new EDI 1000 Industrial PC-Weigh Terminal combining full weighing functionality within an industrial PC. The EDI 1000 is an industrial IP66, all stainless ruggedized PC with 17” touch screen and comes fully loaded with Windows XP. The EDI 1000 is designed to run the full suite of Aja’s OPUS software or any other proprietary software.

There are numerous COM ports for printers and up to 2 separate baseworks or weighing devices, plus printers, bar code scanners etc. Communicate with other devices and or the main Server via Wi Fi or Ethernet.

Customers are increasingly looking to optimise raw material and ingredient usage, remove error prone paper systems and to de-skill specific weighing operations and while gathering accurate and valuable management data on the factory floor. The EDI 1000 can address these issues by offering a User friendly familiar operator interface designed to withstand the rigors of food industry processing and packing plants and packhouses.

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