New SmartLoad® Load Measurement System from Scotload

New SmartLoad® Load Measurement System from Scotload
Scotload Ltd. (UK) - The latest innovative load cell development from Scotload SmartLoad® is the innovative intelligent load cell designed with load testing engineers in mind. Utilising the latest technology, Scotload’s engineers have created a fully controllable and flexible load monitoring system.

The truly intelligent part of the SmartLoad® system is how it enables load data to be logged on board inside the load cell - eliminating the risk of losing load data because, for the first time, the user is not dependent on a wireless signal. After logging is instigated from the handset or PC software no further intervention is needed, freeing up time for the engineer and negating the need for other equipment during the load test.

No specific training is required to use the advanced features within the SmartLoad® system as it is “plug-and-play”, so can be used with ease straight out of the box.

“At Scotload, we believe in developing products which give our customers solutions that make their operations easier and more efficient,” commented Simon Everett, Managing Director at Scotload. “Using our team’s extensive technical and application knowledge we’ve produced a product that brings load cell technology into the 21st century and goes well beyond being a simple load cell. So whether you have a complex lift requiring logging with multiple load cells or just require a basic load cell, the simplicity and usability of the SmartLoad® system makes it the obvious choice.”

An intuitive graphical user menu, coupled with the fact that no pairing is required, gives freedom to use any handset with any load cell by selecting the load cells you wish to view. The handset also controls the load data logging, removing the need for a laptop. In addition, it can display and control multiple load cells simultaneously, showing individual load weights, plus a sum and average of the load values.

Using the SmartLoad® PC software, the software automatically generates ‘ready to share’ charts for all logging events, saving valuable time when compiling the data.

The SmartLoad® asset management software for hire companies and fleet owners automatically logs the event history of the load cell. This comprehensive usage log shows when it was calibrated, used and if it has been overloaded, allowing the owner to guard against using or hiring a load cell that could be out of calibration due to an overload event. This also gives confidence that readings from a SmartLoad® load cell are always accurate.

As well as improved usability and functionality over previous Scotload technology, SmartLoad® also utilises the latest wireless technology which, along with very low power consumption giving long battery life, also has much improved wireless range.

SmartLoad® can be retrofitted to any load cell, making it possible to upgrade all your load cells into intelligent load monitoring systems. The load cell and handset firmware and software can be upgraded at any time via the internet as updates become available, making it an adaptable solution.

“SmartLoad® is the result of over a year of intensive development work by our engineering team and we are delighted to be able to offer SmartLoad® from stock around the world,” continued Simon. “At Scotload we are continually developing new and exciting ways to improve our products and an ATEX approved version of SmartLoad® is in the pipeline to further strengthen our range of hazardous area products.”

The new SmartLoad® system could change how you use load cells for good.


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