New STN & STV Weighing Hooks by Giropès

New STN & STV Weighing Hooks by Giropès
Giropès SL (Spain) - Two new weighing hooks of Baxtran (Trade brand of Giropès) have been presented. These two new aluminum housing weighing hooks have larger autonomy (between 60 and 65 hours). Both agree the Machine Directive 2006/42/CE.

  • Zero
  • Tare
  • Hold (weigh fixation)
  • Low battery alarm
  • Weights in kg/lb

STN’ specific features:

  • Blacklight LCD display with digits of 22 mm
  • Standby and auto switch off function
  • 65 hours of autonomy
  • Alimentation with 3x1.5AA batteries
  • Types: STN300 / STN500 / STN1000

STV’ specific features:

  • LED Display with digits of 35 mm
  • Standby and auto switch off function
  • Hook with 360o degree rotation
  • 60 hours of autonomy
  • Remote control (max 10m)

Extra function:
  • Accumulation

Types: STV1000 / STV3000 / STV5000.

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