New video showing RAVAS' Mobile Weighing and X-ray Screening at Cargo Screeners

New video showing RAVAS' Mobile Weighing and X-ray Screening at Cargo Screeners
Ravas (Netherlands) - Cargo Screeners, based on Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, is a service provider that specializes in pre-flight x-ray screening of so-called “unsafe cargo”. After screening and registration, the cargo is certified “safe” by Cargo Screeners.

Photographing with PDA:
As part of the data set provided to the carriers, Cargo Screeners weighs and photographs all air cargo pallets. A PDA with RAVAS UniMobile software identifies the pallet via barcode scan and interrogates iForks for the weight of the pallet. This info is registered on the PDA, together with photographs of the goods on the pallet. This data set is then sent to RAVAS UniWin PC software via Wifi, where it is processed, together with the results of the x-ray scan, and stored for future reference.

Watch the video and see how Cargo Screeners integrates their information flows, using RAVAS products.


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