New TMX 110 Series Calculator-Integrator from Telemetrix

New TMX 110 Series Calculator-Integrator from Telemetrix

Telemetrix (France) – The TMX 110 is a new microprocessor calculator designed to meet the practical needs of the dynamic weighing industry. According to Telemetrix: "They are robust, durable and easy to use, with the added benefit of economic cost savings, this product is completely 'MADE IN FRANCE'". Continuous weighing of product flow on a moving belt scale or roller can be measured in real time and at different points on the belt scale. As well as being able to display, analyze, store and transmit data across devices this calculator integrator can perform a self diagnosis check.

The calculator is enclosed in a protective box and can be attached on the inside of the conveyor system without causing little disturbance to the work area. Instantly calculates the product flow by detecting the speed signal and the weight of the product in movement at each interval on the belt scale, which may vary depending on production conditions. For this purpose the calculator has a built in weighing input for a speed sensor with a strain gage a speed input by impulsion or analogy.

Main Features:

  • Dynamic weighing chassis with one or more strain gage sensors
  • Speed Sensor
  • Clear screen display of calculated values
  • Multi-Language programmable eg. French, English, Germany, Dutch (other languages are possible)
  • Indestructible waterproof protective casing
  • Option of an automatic calibration or by trial run
  • Configuration options can be saved on a USB Key
  • Self Diagnostics of the parts that make up the scale: Sensors, Input/output
  • Updating of the micro-software can be done via the internet
  • Dimension 96 x 96 x 124 mm

Determination of the total flow quantity of mineral and food products, regulation of crusher feeders, crible and dryers. Continuous flow control of first and second crushers of a quarry.

The TMX 110 comes with a standard ETHERNET interface, USB port and traditional Input and Output terminals ensuring perfect compatibility with most automation systems and existing or future scales.


  • Microprocessor based calculator with a drop down menu
  • Backlit graphic LCD Display screen: Instantaneous flow totalisation and subtotal (2 registers), tape speed diagnostics and auto calibration
  • Diaphragm keyboard with 7 keys
  • Alarm and auto diagnostic in clear
  • Power supply up to 8 sensor with strain gages
  • 24-bit A/D converter
  • Digital input for speed sensor
  • The new indicators feature multiple standard connectivity interfaces that include RS232/ RS422 connectivity (Printer or other peripherals are also available options)
  • ETHERNET connection (MODBUS TCP & WEB server)
  • USB Memory socket
  • 2 programmable TOR outputs (dry contact)
  • 2 programmable inputs
  • Analog output 4-20 mA, standard

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