OHAUS offers the most technically advanced laboratory balance - Explorer® with an ingenious draftshield

OHAUS offers the most technically advanced laboratory balance - Explorer® with an ingenious draftshield
Ohaus Corporation (USA) - OHAUS, a leading worldwide manufacturer of balances and scales, assures highest performance in the laboratory field by an ingeniously practical approach to product development which is visible the most in the Explorer® Series.

Available on 0.1mg and 1mg models as a standard feature, made from antistatic coated glass, the draftshield helps block drafts and air currents while dissipating static charges in the weighing chamber that could adversely affect the weighing results. The frameless, flip-top design and large side entry provide unobstructed access to the weighing pan, allowing for easy placement, adjustment or removal of the sample, including large weigh boats or other oversized vessels. The Explorer's side door glides on top-mounted bearings preventing the build-up of debris on the door frame. The draftshield’s removable glass panels, combined with the stainless steel bottom, makes cleaning extremely easy.

Other advanced features of the balance include among others a 5.7" colour touch-screen, OHAUS’ SmarText™ 2.0 easy-to-use graphical software, four “touchless” sensors, AutoCal fully-automatic internal calibration system, intuitive user setup and a modular display design that can be separated from the weighing base for maximum flexibility. The combination of these features makes Explorer® an ideal tool for laboratory use.

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