White Paper from Mettler Toledo Discusses Maintaining Sustainable Quality with Weighing

White Paper from Mettler Toledo Discusses Maintaining Sustainable Quality with Weighing
METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) - In food production, accurate weighing can greatly impact the overall quality and integrity of the product, as well as enhancing a business's productivity and competitiveness.

When a food manufacturer's weighing equipment is not verified, it risks inaccurate weighing and inadequate process quality, safety and compliance.

In a new white paper, "GWP - The Global Weighing Standard for the Food Industry," the experts at METTLER TOLEDO have outlined how the global weighing standard can help companies ensure consistent quality for cost savings, comply with regulations, pass audits successfully and save money by avoiding overfilling.

The free white paper describes the principles of GWP, the global standard for risk-based lifecycle management of weighing equipment, and explains how businesses can benefit from its use. GWP is the only science-based global weighing standard for efficient lifecycle management of weighing systems, developed by the experts at METTLER TOLEDO.

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