Right Weigh, Inc. Partners with Pantoja Engineering in Brazil

Right Weigh, Inc. Partners with Pantoja Engineering in Brazil

Right Weigh, Inc. (Brazil, USA) - Press Release: Right Weigh, Inc. is excited to partner with Pantoja Engineering to offer on-board load scales to the Brazilian transport market. Pantoja Engineering compliments Right Weigh’s ongoing commitment to provide innovative weight management solutions that improve the efficiency and profitability to transport companies around the world

Ricardo Pantoja, CEO of Pantoja Engineering commented:

“The on-board weighing system RIGHT WEIGHT Inc. used for mechanical suspensions and also for air suspensions is innovative, with emphasis on ease of assembly, calibration, fair price, with a three-year warranty, containing a KIT prepared for each type of road implement. Our greatest joy is that we can count on a team, a family involved with weighing on board, with twenty years’ experience, open every day to meet every need of its customers, and work with an ideal weighing solution on board to increase the operational profitability and useful life of road implements.”

Ricardo Pantoja has been dedicated for 10 years to studies, international partnerships, and specializations for the execution of projects for embedded weighing systems.

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Kelly Jackson of Right Weigh said:

“Partnering with Pantoja Engineering will provide Right Weigh the opportunity to build Brand recognition and loyalty in the Brazilian truck market. Right Weigh is excited to provide the market with affordable and accurate on-the-ground truck/trailer weight data. As the demand for data grows, Ricardo Pantoja is perfectly positioned to bridge the gap between customer need and providing reliable solutions.”


About Right Weigh, Inc.:

Right Weigh was born from the need to have a simple and affordable solution for monitoring weight loads. In 1998, Sid Campbell developed Right Weigh’s first onboard load scale. As a fleet owner and operator in Alaska, Sid used his scales on his own trucks and trailers. He recognized that many of his peers were also in search for the same solution. Since then, Right Weigh has become the go to supplier of on-board load scales. As Right Weigh continues to provide reliable products at the most affordable pricing while maintaining the highest quality customer service in the industry.

About Pantoja Engineering:

Pantoja Engineering is nationally recognized for its excellent service in solving complex infrastructure problems in harsh environments, through consultancy, training and innovation that delivers lower risk and reduced operating and maintenance costs.

To find out more please visit Pantoja Engineering & Consultant.

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