Operator Monitoring at Meat Processing Facility with Rinstrum Scale

Operator Monitoring at Meat Processing Facility with Rinstrum Scale

Rinstrum Pty Ltd (Australia) - Rinstrum recently collaborated with a client to develop an operator monitoring application at a meat processing facility. A simple and easy to use process for operators to minimize time spent at the scale was required.

A R427 IP66 stainless steel indicator with waterproof USB, ethernet and power connections was combined with a washdown scale base and connected to the sites network. The operator database held 24 operators with eight operators for each of the three shifts.

The operator inputs their ID to the R427 which then captures the weight and plots the data into the web table. The web interface provides live visuals of operator productivity by displaying a live database table for each shift and shows operator totals, shift totals and daily totals. All data can be logged to a CSV and it can be downloaded from the web page or a USB. An admin page is available for setting operator names and shifts times.

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