SCAIME celebrates 30 years

SCAIME celebrates 30 years
SCAIME S.A.S. (France) - SCAIME this year celebrates 30 years of innovation, success, and passion experienced with you.

Specialist of weighing and measurement technologies for the industry, our adventure began in 1983 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and passion of its founder Guy Mairot. The company has experienced strong growth and is now a major player in this industry, providing complete solutions from sensors to data acquisition systems.

The reason for this success is evident: SCAIME has always focused efforts on innovation and quality. Accurate control of the entire production chain enables allows SCAIME to ensure an optimal level of product quality, internationally recognized and certified.

If SCAIME was able to acquire this widespread credibility, it's also due to the trust of its customers. It's by listening and meeting your requirements that we're moving towards excellence.

Future has already begun...

In 2011, Thierry Vigneron succeeded Guy Mairot with an objective: Allow SCAIME to pursue its transformation with the development of innovative solutions and ever more reliable and efficient products.

So SCAIME began, with the support of the Rhône-Alpes region in the frame of INNOV'R, the implementation of new measurement technologies based on optical fiber. Today these researches allow us to offer a unique system opening the fiber optic measurement for industry.

SCAIME now looks to the future by relying on a strong organization and professional employees.

Dear customers, partners and employees, SCAIME sincerely thank you for these thirty years of loyalty and shared activities, and dedicate his birthday to the passions that drive us.

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