Yamato Scale launched a new Checkweigher system

Yamato Scale launched a new Checkweigher system
Yamato Scale Co., Ltd. (Japan) - Ensuring the Highest Level of Quality and Safety Yamato Scale Co., Ltd. introduces Checkweigher I series as flagship model.

Industry-Leading Performance Levels:
  • Maximum speed : 480ppm (max.50% up*)
  • Maximum accuracy : +/- 0.15g (max.50% up*)
  • The new digital load cell does not require auto zeroing due to temperature changes, thus resulting in faster operation.
*Compared to conventional models

Easy Operation:
  • Yamato’s original “Automatic program setting system” allows initial settings to be performed without any complicated parameters.
  • The new CE3000 indicator employs a 12.1-inch color touch screen and 3D Animation, thus offering higher visibility and better usability

Outstanding Food Safety
  • Waterproof IP67, IP69K (optional) compliant. IP69K compliance (optional) enables high pressure and temperature water washing.
  • The tubular legs minimize dust accumulation, while the flat design and open-frame structure provide ease of cleaning and a high level of food safety.
  • Compliant with HACCP and GMP 

More information about the Checkweigher I series can be found here.

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