Seca's multifunction and wheelchair scales now with wireless

Seca's multifunction and wheelchair scales now with wireless
Seca (Germany) - The seca multifunction and wheelchair scales prove themselves every day in hospitals and doctors’ offices around the world. They offer several solutions to problems with weighing persons who have trouble walking or patients with equilibrium disorders.

Now seca has optimized the functionality of these scales. Equipped with the seca 360° wireless technology, the platform and bariatric scale seca 635/634 and the multifunction and wheelchair scales seca 645/644, seca 685/684, seca 677/676, seca 665/664 and seca 657/656 can now transmit all measurements to a seca wireless printer, to the software seca analytics 115 on the doctor’s PC or directly into an electronic patient file.

Because the wireless system eliminates the need for handwritten notes, the doctor saves time and prevents errors. Moreover, with the combination of the seca wireless printer and seca analytics 115, the doctor has access to previously unavailable analyses and interpretations, such as trend and percentile curves, resting and total energy consumption, and a therapy planner.

More information about the multifunction and wheelchair scales can be found here.

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