Horse Weigh's launches new equine weighing platform at the Coronation Festival

Horse Weigh's launches new equine weighing platform at the Coronation Festival
Horse Weigh (UK) - Horse Weigh, which was founded in 1992 by William Bedell, was awarded the Royal Warrant to HM The Queen on 21st January 2009, and has been awarded its next 5 year continuation, starting 2014, as determined by the protocols of the Royal Household Warrants Committee.

Horse Weigh's Royal warrant is for the Supply & Maintenance of Horse Weighing Equipment. We have supplied our mobile and recessed weighing platforms to HM The Queen's Studs at Sandringham, Polhampton & Royal Paddocks on Hampton Court Road, East Molesey, London, and follow up with all their annual servicing.

The first introduction we had to HM The Queen's Studs was meeting her representatives at a Dodson & Horrell nutrition seminar at Newmarket Racecourses, UK, where we had been invited to exhibit our mobile equine weighing platforms.

It was our product's mobility that particularly impressed HM's representatives, as then HM's stud staff would be able to weigh their foals in the paddocks. This is something they had not been able to do beforehand. It would then keep all mare & foal stress levels to a minimum, as well as saving time for the stud staff, who previously had to bring the mares and foals up from the paddocks to the main yards, for their regular weighing. This practice came with its own risks. Thankfully this is all now history for HM The Queen's stud staff.

At the Coronation Festival, we will be making the "Worldwide Launch" of our new equine weighing platform. Our design team have been designing this equine weighing platform for the last 3 years, and they will be at the Coronation Festival, to witness the launch, and talk to prospective clients and their representatives, about their last 3 year's work. The fruits of their last 3 years of hard work can be seen on our stand during the Coronation Festival.

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