Shipping Container Weighing Scales For Metal Manufacturer In Victoria

Shipping Container Weighing Scales For Metal Manufacturer In Victoria
UltraHawke Pty Ltd (Australia) - Shipping Container Weighing Scales are being used for weighing non-ferrous metals being received and despatched in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs. Supplied by Ultrahawke in Campbellfield, the Shipping Container Weighing Scales were custom manufactured to cater for both 20 foot and 40 foot long shipping containers.

Ultrahawke’s Shipping Container Weighing Scales feature a reinforced concrete weighing deck with heavy duty steel pads onto which the shipping containers are positioned to prevent superficial damage to the concrete deck during rough handling. Fully Australian Made and fabricated locally at Ultrahawke’s weighbridge manufacturing facility, all steelwork of the Shipping Container Weigher is hot dipped galvanised for strong resistance to corrosion.

The weighing deck is supported on six heavy capacity load cell mounting kits fitted with both longitudinal and lateral movement restraints to help prevent load cell damage when containers are accidentally dragged across the weighing deck. The Flintec RC3 load cells are rated to IP68 and are waterproof up to one metre depth of water to eliminate potential water ingress when used in external environments.

Ultrahawke’s Shipping Container Weighing Scales are certified for Trade Use to allow the client to pay or charge for products by weight. A Flintec FT-11 digital weight indicator displays the weight readings which are also sent to a printer for generating hardcopies of weighing transactions.

Started in 1857, Ultrahawke is Australia’s old manufacturer of heavy capacity weighing equipment including weighbridges, platform scales and Shipping Container Weighers. All Ultrahawke products are fully backed by an extensive network of agents covering all Australian states.

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