The brand new Marsden Keg Scale

The brand new Marsden Keg Scale

Marsden Weighing Group (United Kingdom) - Press Release: Marsden K-100 Keg Scale - Designed to simplify the lives of landlords and stocktakers. Eliminate the guesswork and stop shaking your kegs to find out their weight. Instead easily weigh your kegs in a matter of seconds.

What is the K-100 Keg Scale?

The Marsden K-100 is a stainless steel keg scale that’s ideal for stock takers, pubs, and restaurants. Eliminate the guesswork and stop shaking your kegs to find out their weight. Instead use the Marsden K-100 Keg Scale to accurately weigh your barrels in seconds!

With a 406.4mm diameter, it’s suitable for a range of different keg sizes and its 35mm low profile platform makes it easy to get kegs on and off the scale for weighing. The indicator has a large, clear backlit LCD display and four function buttons. The scale is powered by four AA batteries or from the mains adaptor and the indicator is magnetised for wall-mounting.

How can I improve my stock taking process?

The K-100 has a multitude of uses that can help to increase profits.

Pub landlords and managers may choose to use it for stock takes to accurately gauge how many pints are left in a keg. It can also aid with end of tenancy sales when it comes to calculating how much the remaining stock is worth. In addition to that, it could also be invaluable for preparing for busy periods, such as bank holidays.

Why should I choose the K-100?

By using the keg scale to weigh your stock, you can ensure all your stock figures are correct and that your kegs are always full upon delivery. Plus, it’ll help to minimise the risk of anyone carelessly pouring beer away, drinking on the job or giving away free drinks.

It has a generous capacity of 200kg/44 gal/352 pints with graduations as low as 100g and keg weight can be measured in kg / lb. Thanks to its light weight, it can be taken wherever you need it for easy stock taking.

Please note that this scale is not Trade Approved, so cannot be used for selling kegs based on price. For weighing kegs prior to despatch, for example in breweries, we recommend the HSS-I-100SS-APP. It is also not suitable for liquid filling.

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