Bongshin Loadcell BS-235 Digital Indicator for High Speed Weighing Applications

Bongshin Loadcell BS-235 Digital Indicator for High Speed Weighing Applications

BONGSHIN LOADCELL (South Korea) - Bongshin Loadcell has launched the BS-235 Series digital indicator with high A/D sampling speed up to 2000 times per second.

The load cell readout is provided by a 6-digit LED display coupled with a high resolution 24bit Sigma-Delta A/D converter.

Options available include isolated voltage or current analogue outputs, 3CH relay output, and a serial data output in one of several formats including RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485.

BS-235 features simple setup and calibration using just the 4 front panel push buttons and on-display prompts.


  • High-speed A/D and D/A conversion at 2000times/sec
  • Serial commands to set parameters (max. 16 ID)
  • Isolated serial output & analog output
  • 24 Bit Sigma-Delta A/D converter for high accuracy
  • Simulative(mV/V memory) or live load calibration
  • Digital linearization function
  • 3 Set point relay output
  • Hold or peak hold function
  • Sensor output check function

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