The GENERICA Laboratory is a Place Where Equipment is of Great Importance

The GENERICA Laboratory is a Place Where Equipment is of Great Importance

Ohaus Corporation (Poland) - The GENERICA laboratory uses various OHAUS equipment in everyday work.

Every professional pharmaceutical research laboratory needs accurate, reliable, and proven equipment to perform its tasks. Complicated analyzes of substances of different origin, in solid, semi-solid or liquid forms, require precise equipment, making the work more effective and efficient. The GENERICA Pharmaceutical Laboratory is a place where equipment is of great importance.

The idea for the laboratory was born in 2016. After a year of efforts to receive funding and obtaining the investor's approval, construction work began. In 2017, GENERICA became the laureate of the Polish Innovation Award in the 5th Congress of Entrepreneurship.

Since April 2019 GENERICA provides services for the R&D sector of the pharmaceutical, veterinary and cosmetic industries. The laboratory provides pharmaceutical analysis, API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) release and dissolution testing from various drug dosage forms, penetration and permeation tests of API from topical and transdermal formulations, stability tests of raw materials and finished drug products, statistical data analysis and many more.

The laboratory specializes in:

  • carrying out research on the API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) dissolution and release from various drug dosage forms,
  • preclinical evaluation of various drug forms' biopharmaceutical properties based on advanced pharmaceutical availability studies under simulated physiological conditions,
  • performing permeation studies from transdermal drug dosage forms, stability studies of raw materials (including API) and finished products,
  • professional consultancy, training, and expert opinions in pharmaceutical availability research and evaluation of various forms of drugs' biopharmaceutical properties,
  • developing qualitative and quantitative compositions and optimizing the technology to produce topical and transdermal formulations (e.g., ointments, creams, gels), used as cosmetics, medical devices, or medicinal/veterinary products, as well as lyophilisates.

The unique infrastructure enables the provision of research and development services for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and veterinary industries and conducting joint research projects with scientific units and industry. The work of the laboratory has to meet the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) and the European Pharmacopoeia (Eu.Ph.) requirements, so there is no place for a compromise regarding the lab equipment quality.

"The pharmaceutical laboratory requires proper equipment to be reliable, accurate and to reproduce the desired process conditions at any time. OHAUS products meet the pharmaceutical research sector's demanding requirements and provide us with high quality and reliable results. There is no doubt that high quality and paying much attention to any detail in each OHAUS product's construction results in the equipment's excellent durability. Moreover, the user-friendly and intuitive control interface enables the full use of the device functions even for less experienced personnel, minimizing the work stress. Accuracy, ease of use, and reliability are the features that we value most in our daily work, and the OHAUS products help us to fulfil the needs." says Bartłomiej Milanowski, Ph.D., the Head of R&D lab in GENERICA.

GENERICA Pharmaceutical Laboratory uses various OHAUS equipment in everyday work. OHAUS devices are used to carry out standardized analyzes and tests of pharmaceutical substances. They allow to obtain the repeatable quality of samples’ analysis and report the results and conditions in which the test was conducted. Centrifuges, vortex mixers, balances, cooling thermal shakers, rocking shakers and moisture analyzers are essential equipment to fulfil daily tasks. According to Bartłomiej Milanowski both reliable balances and efficient and silent centrifuges are a must-have in any pharmaceutical laboratory. "The OHAUS moisture analyzer helps us to characterize API substances and different drug dosage forms and draw conclusions according to any further investigations. A cooling thermal shaker and a rocking shaker have become indispensable for our lab, helping us to extend our portfolio to solubility testing and protein electrophoresis." adds Mr. Milanowski.

While looking for the right equipment for their laboratory GENERICA was taking reliability, accuracy and the comfort of work into consideration. The above and the OHAUS brand's prestige were the factors that influenced the decision for buying OHAUS equipment. "I would also like to mention the great contact with the OHAUS Senior Dealer Manager. Thanks to his support, valuable advice and tips, the process of choosing, buying and using the equipment was a pure pleasure." says Bartłomiej Milanowski.

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