Video showing Scaco’s CubiScan AKL 1200 at Hunter Express

Video showing Scaco’s CubiScan AKL 1200 at Hunter Express
Scaco Pty Ltd (Australia) - The CubiScan AKL 1200 is used by freight service providers to determine the Cubic and Weight measurement of large cuboidal and irregular shaped freight items for revenue recovery and customer service purposes. To learn more please contact Rhett at Scaco in Brisbane, Australia on +61-7-3808-9644 or visit us on the web at

Scale Components, Australia's leading provider of legal-for-trade barcode-scanning, weighing and cubing systems, partners with Hunter Express to provide a range of networked, freight revenue-recovery solutions.

The newest addition to our range of legal-for-trade cubing and weighing systems is the exciting CubiScan AKL 1200, ideal for measuring the cubic volume and weight of all types of large, cuboidal and irregular-shaped freight items.

After the freight is placed in position and the item data is identified by barcode scan the CubiScan automatically measures the length, width, and height of almost any bulk item -- whether palletized or crated and whether cuboidal or irregular in shape.

By also incorporating a trade-approved weighing solution, the weight, identification, dimensions and a photo image of the freight item are all captured and recorded. This information helps to ensure optimal customer service and maximum revenue recovery are achieved. The complete measurement and data upload process takes only around 10 seconds.

"The CubiScan has given us the opportunity to capture the revenue we deserve for moving customers' freight."

The CubiScan has the largest measurement range in its class, and will measure items up to 3.5 metres in length by 2.5 metres in width by 2.5 metres in height. With increasing pressure on profit margins and with limited space available in trucks and planes, knowing the precise weight and dimensions of all freight items is critical to any freight business.

With irregular shaped freight items, the CubiScan automatically determines the smallest cuboidal shape the item would fit into -- this satisfies strict National Measurement Institute legal-for-trade guidelines.

The CubiScan can take up to four high-resolution colour digital photographs of the dimensioned freight item. "All captured dimensional and photographic data is instantly available for fast and easy integration into your host IT, Freight Invoicing and Track & Trace systems.

"One of the other benefits is the high-quality photos that are taken. This allows us to assist customers should they have any queries with regards to the size and dimensions of the freight, the weight of the freight or the condition as it passed through our depot. This is especially useful when talking to customers about any possible damage."

"One of the other benefits of the CubiScan is the use of the photo when customers question the dimensions and the weight of an item. It provides a record that we can email to the client to justify the information that we have captured."

"The installation of the CubiScan has allowed us to refine our processes to the point where we can now move freight through the depot faster than prior to having the machine."


More information about Scaco’s CubiScan AKL 1200 can be found here.

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