Yamato celebrates 18 years with BL Products AB

Yamato celebrates 18 years with BL Products AB
Yamato Scale Co., Ltd. (Sweden) - Weighing and packaging technology specialists, Yamato Scale Dataweigh UK, have enjoyed a long and successful partnership with BL Products AB in Sweden.

BL Products AB was established in 1971, by inventor and businessman Bengt Lundin, and is a family owned business centred on providing customised packaging solutions throughout Scandinavia. BL Products AB operates primarily within the food industry, offering full equipment servicing, trouble-shooting and product automation solutions.

“Yamato feel it is vital to have local representation, every country approaches projects and enquiries differently,” said Andrea Spencer, commercial operations manager at Yamato, “without local contacts to interpret and work with these challenges, you could quite easily miss out and inadvertently let customers down.”

With a business relationship going back to 1996, BL Products and Yamato have worked successfully together on 100’s of projects, ranging from standalone packaging machines to turnkey packaging solutions.

“Yamato is a well-known brand in the weighing industry and we’ve always had an excellent working relationship with them,” said Mikael Mauermann, BL Products AB’s Chief Marketing Officer.

BL Products averages 22 completed projects a year and has assisted and delivered more than 100 Yamato weighing machines during their long relationship.

Yamato’s good build quality and durability is widely known and respected, “You can see the difference between Yamato weighing machines and other brands in more demanding projects, such as poultry packaging,” said Mauermann, who added, “a lot of weighing machines struggle with this product and experience problems, poultry packaging introduces a lot of wear and strain on the machinery, due to things like bones.”

“The time difference has its advantages and disadvantages, as we’re in to work before Yamato – but it also means if we experience issues we’re able to contact them until later in the working day. It balances out.”

“Yamato weighing machines were first installed in the Swedish market in the early 80’s, and they have maintained their good reputation here ever since,” concluded Mauermann.

“Not only do BL Products sell Yamato products, they also offer service and spare parts to the end users – therefore providing a local and speedy service to customers” said Spencer.

“Over the years, Yamato and BL Products have developed a strong working relationship, with the continual development of Yamato technology, we hope to be working alongside BL Products for many more years to come” concluded Spencer.

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