Yamato Scale Dataweigh UK selects new agent for Norway

Yamato Scale Dataweigh UK selects new agent for Norway
Yamato Scale Co., Ltd. (Norway) - Weighing and packaging technology specialists Yamato Scale Dataweigh UK are now represented in Norway by Skala Foodtech, a division of Skala Group.

“Skala has an excellent reputation throughout the Scandinavian region, they are a large and stable company with interests in many areas,” said Andrea Spencer, commercial operations manager at Yamato Scale Dataweigh UK, “we’re incredibly pleased to have them representing us in Norway.”

As Yamato’s newest agent, Skala Foodtech is responsible for the selling of Yamato’s Multihead and Checkweighers in Norway. A key part of Skala Foodtech’s role as Norwegian agent also includes offering genuine parts repair and service.

Skala Foodtech was approached by Yamato to represent them late last year, having been aware of their brand and performance in the Scandinavian market, conversations developed at a tremendous pace, which have led to today’s announcement.

“We know Yamato very well… Most of the multihead weigher projects in Norway are interested in bringing Yamato to their table,” says Bård Are Hultengren, General Manager of Skala Foodtech.

“The Scandinavian market - and the Norwegian market in particular, are very important to Yamato. We’ve had an active presence there for the past 10 years and are glad to be able to offer a continued and strengthened service. We look forward to continuing to grow and develop our relationships there” said Spencer.

Skala Foodtech was founded in 1998 as BM Foodtech by Steiner Erikson, before later being sold to the Skala group in 2011. The Skala group has 8 divisions and more than 200 employees, with an annual turnover of over 700 million Norwegian Krone (£68.7 million).

“We look forward to working very closely with Skala Foodtech to further enhance our Norwegian operations, and will continue to expand our market presence in Scandinavia” said Spencer.

About Yamato Scale Dataweigh (UK) Limited:
Yamato is one of the leading global manufacturers of commercial weighing equipment and with over 90 years' manufacturing experience, we know what our customers need and expect. Originally founded in 1922 as The Weighing Machine Division of Kawanishi Kikai K.K and later rebranded as Yamato Scale Ltd, Yamato is proud of its Japanese heritage; our passion to provide quality multihead weighers and deliver superior customer support is what drives us.

As a result Yamato’s multihead weighers and checkweighers have gained an unrivalled reputation worldwide, and our weighing machines are trusted by manufacturers in a range of industries across the globe; from granulated products and confectionery to meat and IQF frozen produce.

Yamato’s multihead weighers and checkweighers are energy efficient, accurate, hygienic, and easy to operate. The Dataweigh Omega multihead weigher, for instance, boasts a 60% reduction in power consumption without compromising on speed or effectiveness.

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