Yamato Scale launches its most advanced X-ray inspection machine

Yamato Scale launches its most advanced X-ray inspection machine

Yamato Scale Co., Ltd. (Japan) - Press Release: We are proud to unveil our most advanced X-ray inspection machine yet.

Yamato’s COP compliant YX20 is flexible across all formats, can be programmed with unique algorithms that can accommodate special and one-off applications, and its high-speed and wide-format widths suit any production environment.

Additionally, the YX20 can be fitted as standard with either a 0.8mm pixel diode or a 0.4mm pixel diode, providing a much higher resolution, which produces clearer images. This increases accuracy in the identification and removal of contaminated items, helping food producers avoid expensive, reputation-damaging product recalls – while reducing waste and increasing productivity.

It can also be fully integrated with a checkweigher, enabling manufacturers to gain complete COP compliance.

Integrating the YX20 with a Yamato Stats option will provide a fully automated data collection system, running from a server or pc, ensuring manufacturers have a complete inspection and data collection package.  This allows food processing firms to have valuable control and insight into the cause of any problem so that it can be prevented for future production.

Mark James, Yamato Scale Dataweigh’s Global Inspection General Manager, said: “As well as being one of the most advanced inspection and detection machines on the market, the YX20 has a low total cost of ownership compared to other well-known brands. Anyone who’s used X-ray before will know that these costs can be very high.  The YX20’s key components can be repaired locally, or we can offer service exchange units, further reducing costs, as well as downtime.”

The main costs in an X-ray are the X-ray generator and detector. To reduce the total cost of ownership, the YX20 is fitted with a sealed-for-life, maintenance-free X-ray generator unit, which encases the X-ray tube and high voltage electronics in an oil bath. This means the temperature remains constant, automatically monitored and temperature controlled.

Mark added: “Furthermore, our YX20 is fitted with individual diode modules that can be replaced on site, rather than having to replace the entire part like many other brands.  Given that diodes are expensive, the option to replace individual parts is much more cost-effective.

“The YX20 can carry out more detailed and accurate inspections, ensuring that more producers are fully COP compliant. Manufacturers using the YX20 will benefit from reduced risk of expensive product recalls, increased customer safety and compliance to industry standards. This will help avoid the financial and reputational damage that can follow if customers lose faith in your brand.”

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