Accuweigh's Heavy Duty Weighbridge for Aggregates and Quarry Supplier

Accuweigh's Heavy Duty Weighbridge for Aggregates and Quarry Supplier
Accuweigh Pty Ltd. (UK) - A Heavy Duty Weighbridge was recently commissioned for an aggregate and quarry products supplier in Moree, New South Wales. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Newcastle branch, the Heavy Duty Weighbridge features a concrete weighing deck to cater for high traffic of heavily laden vehicles.

Concrete deck Weighbridges are ideal for heavy duty weighing applications due to the added strength and rigidity the concrete adds to the Weighbridge. The weight of the concrete deck also adds significant mass to the Weighbridge making for a more stable weighing structure better able to resist weight fluctuations in windy conditions.

Concrete deck weighbridges are also better suited for use in areas where daily temperature fluctuations can cause significant expansion and contraction of steel deck weighbridges which can lead to excessive end-stop clearances and potential loadcell failure. A high mass of a concrete weighbridge deck acts as a buffer to resist rapid fluctuations in ambient temperatures from affecting end-stop clearances.

All Weighbridge steelwork is fully hot-dip galvanised for superior corrosion resistance and a Weighbridge Remote Display with integral traffic lights helps control bi-directional vehicle movements across the Weighbridge deck. The Heavy Duty Weighbridge measures 20m x 3m and has a Legal for Trade weighing capacity of 60 tonnes.

Six AccuCell stainless steel weighbridge load cells of 30 tonnes capacity each support Accuweigh’s Heavy Duty Weighbridge.

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