Adam Equipment Introduces the MUW 300L Ultrasonic Health and Fitness Scale

Adam Equipment Introduces the MUW 300L Ultrasonic Health and Fitness Scale

Adam Equipment (UK) - With elegant design and durable construction, Adam Equipment's new MUW 300L health and fitness scale is ideal for any application needing height, weight and BMI calculations, such as doctors' offices, hospitals and gyms. The MUW joins Adam Equipment's existing line of medical and fitness scales, which includes MDW mechanical scales and MXB baby scales.

The MUW adeptly simplifies collection of height and weight data by eliminating the manual process, which often leads to miscalculations that can cause inaccurate results. Easy to operate, the scale lets users quickly and accurately measure height without requiring any physical contact with a patient. Ultrasonic technology safely senses the actual height of the person on the scale. This is accomplished without intruding on a patient's personal space, making a more comfortable experience for users. BMI (body mass index) calculations are provided instantly and simultaneously on a vivid, backlit display that can be seen by the patient or operator. The scale offers many intelligent features, including the ability to output patient and physician identification information without breaching confidentiality.

The MUW 300L has a capacity of 660lbs/300kg and provides ultrasonic height measurement up to 82in/210cm. Its cast-iron base and aluminum pillar are rugged and durable. The non-slip platform is a substantial 14.8in X 14.8in/375mm X 375mm, and five rubber feet provide safety, stability and comfort. It's not only built solidly, it's simple to operate. A brightly backlit LCD is readily visible and displays three lines of text (height, weight and BMI) on one screen, eliminating the need to scroll through readings. The clean design of the five-button keypad gives one-touch access to all functions needed.

An RS-232 interface allows speedy connection to computers and printers with multi-language support, allowing the scale to be used in the care of patients of various nationalities. The scale comes with an AC adapter and rechargeable battery, so the MUW 300L can be used anywhere, even when power is not available. It features a security locking point to ensure the scale stays safe.

Assembly of the MUW 300L is uncomplicated, allowing speedy set-up by non-technical staff and the ability to use the unit immediately upon installation. The scale can be calibrated for weight and height, and the MUW 300L combines fast operation, quality performance and excellent value in a smart, solidly constructed scale.

Adam's MUW 300L is shipping now and is available in the United Kingdom, Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Africa.

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