Adam Equipment's Hanging Scales series available now in North America and Latin America

Adam Equipment's Hanging Scales series available now in North America and Latin America

Adam Equipment (UK) - Adam Equipment, a world-class scale and balance manufacturer, has announced that its industrial hanging scales are available now in North America and Latin America. Widely used in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, the scales provide shipping and production operations with ways to safely measure suspended items.

Adam's full line of hanging scales includes the SHS, LHS and IHS, all ruggedly constructed to perform dependably in industrial settings. The IHS features robust metal die-cast housing, plated steel hook and sturdy, oversized shackle. A spare rechargeable battery is included, so you can charge one while using the other. LHS and SHS scales have a chrome-plated steel hook, safety catch and oversized swivel shackle and bolt. The hook and shackle rotate 360 degrees, giving complete flexibility. The SHS offers polycarbonate housing for the indicator, while the LHS boasts cast aluminum magnesium indicator housing. An internal rechargeable battery is easily accessible, giving the user freedom to move the crane scale anywhere it is needed.

All hanging scales from Adam Equipment deliver features that make them essential tools of shipping and production operations. A standard remote control allows safe and simple operation of the scales. Readings are shown on a bright-red LED display, making them visible in any lighting conditions, including outdoors. The hold function retains the reading on the display after the weight is removed from the scale, allowing time for the operator to record the value. Other practical features include a color-coded, sealed keypad; external calibration; and full-range tare.

With the SHS, LHS and IHS, Adam Equipment offers a full breadth of choices for strength and performance in hanging scales.

  • SHS small hanging scale has capacities of 100lb/50kg, 300lb/150kg and 600lb/300kg and readabilities of 0.02lb/0.01kg, 0.05lb/0.02kg and 0.1lb/0.05kg.
  • LHS large hanging scale has capacities of 1,000lb/500kg, 3,000lb/1,500kg, and 4,000lb/2,000kg and readabilities 0.2lb/0.1kg, 0.5lb/0.2kg and 1lb/0.5kg.
  • IHS hanging scale has capacities of 2,000lb/1,000kg, 6,000lb/3,000kg, 10,000lb/5,000kg and 20,000lb/10,000kg and readabilities of 0.5lb/0.2kg, 1lb/0.5kg, 2lb/1kg and 5lb/2kg.

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