Adam Equipment's U.K. Office Moves to Larger Location

Adam Equipment's U.K. Office Moves to Larger Location

Adam Equipment (UK) - After many years of steady growth, Adam Equipment's headquarters in the United Kingdom finally outgrew its longtime facility. The office already had expanded into surrounding buildings around Bond Avenue as much as possible. As the demand for Adam products grew, it became evident that we were bursting at the seams and it was time for new quarters.

Moving day was April 2 and we shifted into our new home on Maidstone Road in Milton Keynes. To maintain a smooth work flow, much of the move happened during the weekend, and business is now back on track for the members of Adam's U.K. staff. Situated about 15 minutes from the former facility, the new building is 23,500 square feet and incorporates all of Adam's office space and warehouses in one location.

"We felt that taking this step is one way for Adam to continue the growth we have experienced in the last few years, and also to provide a better quality of service to our customers," said Alan Storey, chairman of Adam Equipment. The company will be able to stock an increased amount of inventory and offer speedier delivery to all areas of the world.

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