Article by Solent Scales Services Ltd.: Essential Features in Baby Weighing Scales

Article by Solent Scales Services Ltd.: Essential Features in Baby Weighing Scales

Solent Scales Services Ltd. (United Kingdom) - Accurately weighing a newborn baby’s birthweight is as exciting as it is important. It’s something that parents look forward to and frequently try to guess. However, measuring a newborn baby’s birthweight is a vital part of the initial observations which are taken by medical professionals present at the birth.

Measuring the baby’s weight provides a starting point for a growth chart which will monitor the baby’s weight gain, and loss.

Ongoing weight measurements are taken to ensure that weight gain is happening as expected. Any unusual measurements might suggest an illness or deficiency with the baby, which would prompt investigations, diagnosis and if necessary, treatment.

Babies who are born with a low birthweight could be susceptible to infections, have difficulty feeding and gaining weight, they may not be able to maintain their body temperature and may suffer from breathing problems and low oxygen levels. A simple, accurate weight measurement could be enough to highlight the need for additional care and treatment.

Essential Baby Scale Features:

Here are some of the features that should be considered essential for baby scales to make the lives of medical professionals easier.

Class III Approved:

Baby Weighing Scales, Baby Scales or Neonatal Scales should be reliable.  To ensure they are reliable to use in a professional medical setting, baby scales should be Class III approved. A Class III approved scale has been verified as such by undergoing rigorous procedures which ensures its accuracy is reliable and repeatable. A Class III approved scale must be used in professional medical settings.

Robust and Lightweight:

A baby scale should be robust and durable to resist wear and tear and damage over the course of its lifetime. It should also be lightweight and portable – although this is perhaps less important if it is kept permanently in a delivery room as apposed to being carried around on house calls by a visiting midwife.

Battery Operated:

Battery operated scales are ideal if the scales are being used while out and about on house calls. However, some battery-operated baby scales have rechargeable batteries which can be charged using a mains power adaptor.


A tare function is an essential feature which would allow you to remove the weight of blankets and nappies to get an accurate weight of the baby.

Wipe-clean Surface:

A baby scale design which is easy to keep clean is essential for use in a maternity ward. Babies cannot tell you when they are about to be sick, or do a wee or poo so being able to wipe these substances off of the scales is essential to keep the baby scales hygienic for the next baby to use. Infection control is a serious matter in hospitals, especially on a ward where the patients are vulnerable newborn babies.

Useful Baby Scale Features:

The following features are not essential, but would be considered useful:

  • Large digital readout display
  • Movement damper functionality to stop the baby’s movements from interfering with the weight
  • Power adapter and rechargeable batteries
  • Auto-Off function to save battery power
  • Breastmilk intake function

At Solent Scales you’ll find a knowledgeable and helpful sales team. We understand the importance of weighing with accuracy within the medical profession. We sell reliable, Class III Approved baby weighing scales, all of which come with a minimum warranty of one year, and all the baby scales we sell can be fully serviced by our team of engineers. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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