Article by HiWeigh: Crane Scales - Everything That You Should Know

Article by HiWeigh: Crane Scales - Everything That You Should Know

HiWeigh (China) - Crane scales are weighing equipment used in a myriad of industries bringing huge benefits to the user. This piece of equipment can weigh heavy to heaviest of the loads and machinery, thus making the weighing process much easier and faster. Since it’s a big investment, you should buy these scales from a reputed crane scale manufacturer.

Crane Scales: An overview:

Before we begin discussing the benefits, let’s quickly define the meaning of what a crane scale is. This is a piece of heavy-duty equipment used for lifting large items, including awkward shaped items (ones that are hard to balance on a platform scale). They have maximum capacities making them an ultimate option for harsh operating environments. Some of the examples include factories, warehouses, fishing ports, construction sites, etc.

These scales are connected to a digital load cell which can be ideally called the ‘heart and soul of the weight checkers’. It is used for converting weight, load, pressure, compression, and tension into an output signal that can be measured and recorded.

Hanging scales vs. crane scales: Which is the right one for you?

Users often get confused between hanging scales and crane scales.

Crane scales are a type of hanging scales. But there are slight variations in their price and capacity range. Hanging scales deal with lighter weighing tasks as compared to crane scales. Also, the latter is expensive as compared to the former.

You may be wondering – ‘which scale would be the ideal for you?’ It depends on the individual requirements of the user. For instance, if your business deals with shipping, warehouses, and loading docks, crane scales would be the best choice. And the rest will probably require hanging scales.

Benefits of using crane scales:

Crane scales are beneficial to your business in multiple ways which are as follows:

  • Weigh awkward items – A standout feature of crane scales is that they can accurately weigh awkward-shaped items. This makes maneuvering less hazardous and inconvenient.
  • High weighing capacities – Using this scale enables you to weigh even the heaviest of the objects. Moreover, despite the loads, they can display accurate measurements. This is possible due to calibration weights which help in giving accurate readings.
  • Durable designs – The best part about these scales is their durability and robustness. If your operating environment is harsh, then a crane scale is all that you need. Moreover, as they are suspended, it gives you more floor spaces within the industry. Moreover, it allows you to work with higher safety as the objects need not be transported for weighing.
  • Easy storage– The phrase ‘small and mighty’ comes to mind when discussing the anatomy of crane scales. Though these scales have the power to weigh heavy items with precision, the size is comparatively small as compared to the kind of tasks they do. Moreover, they also occupy less floor space as compared to the other heavy-duty weighing scales. So if you have space constraints, crane scales would be the ideal pick for you.

Final Thoughts:

You now have a better understanding of what a crane scale is and the benefits they bring to your business. If your company needs an effective weighing tool for heavy and awkward objects, contact an experienced crane scale manufacturer.

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