eNodTouch - The latest generation of HMI for Scaime eNod4 Weighing Controller

eNodTouch - The latest generation of HMI for Scaime eNod4 Weighing Controller
Scaime S.A.S. (France) - World leader in load cells and weighing solutions, SCAIME is introducing eNodTouch, a new generation of human-machine interface for its eNod4 weighing controllers.

eNodTouch is a display and input device consisting of a 3"4 graphical monochrome touch screen with backlight. This new device allows access to all of eNod4 data and offers, in addition to the weight display, many weighing functions and calibration of the weighing system. It also allows full setup of application firmware for dosing or dynamic check weighing embedded in eNod4.

eNodTouch is connected to a dedicated eNod4 port and works in parallel with the PLC link. It offers to the automated system integrating eNod4, a very economical local HMI solution avoiding the development of many setup functions.

With the eNod4-eNodTouch couple, SCAIME offers a complete weighing solution especially designed for quick and easy integration into any automated system. This set meets the flexibility needs of OEMs and system integrators by offering Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP, CANopen, PROFIBUS-DP and Ethernet/IP interfaces for a perfect connectivity with the main PLCs on the market.

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