Every drop counts - The New MechaTron® LQ S from Schenck Process

Every drop counts - The New MechaTron® LQ S from Schenck Process
Schenck Process (Germany) - Designed especially for small flow volumes. It deliver fluids with high precision and an accuracy of ± 0.5 per cent.

Whether you are dealing with oil, acids or water – Schenck Process presents a newly developed loss-in-weight feeder especially designed to handle small flow volumes: the MechaTron® LQ S. Contrary to its “big brother”, the MechaTron® LQ M, the MechaTron® LQ S uses platform scales with only a single load cell. As a result, small flow volumes in the range of 0.25 to 150 kg/h can be realised. In addition, the MechaTron® LQ S, which is made completely of stainless steel, has a feeding accuracy exceeding ± 0.5 per cent and a wide range of applications. That allows liquids with temperatures between 5 and 100ºC and viscosities between 0 and 1,000 mPas to be fed in. Furthermore, the feeding system can be implemented in ambient temperatures of -10 to +50ºC.

The MechaTron® LQ S is available either as a gravimetric Loss-in-Weight Feeder or as a volumetric feeder with or without a weighing module and decoupling. Should the customer choose the gravimetric system, the MechaTron® LQ S uses a regulated pump. With this configuration, the actual feed rate is determined from the decrease in weight per unit time. The control system compares the actual feed rate with the pre-set target feed rate and regulates the pump’s feeding performance. In order to achieve highly accurate weighing results, the pump is separated from the weighed section. That offers the considerable advantage that the MechaTron® LQ S can be used at a counter-pressure of up to 70 bars without adversely affecting the measurement’s accuracy.

The measurement, control and regulating electronics of the mechatronic version can be directly integrated into the mechanics, or placed in a control cabinet or wall housing according to individual customer requirements.

Standard configurations of the MechaTron® LQ S:
  • Feed hopper hopper: 3 and 8 dm³
  • Collection tray with drainage made of stainless steel material no. 1.4301
  • Three-way ball valve to shut off and to empty hopper and pump
  • Process pressure monitoring using manometer
  • Order-specific metering pump with AC drive
  • Lid for automatic filling, ventilation, inspection lid and 2x ½” connection (e.g. inert gas or temperature sensor)
  • Platform scale with integrated weighing module in strain-gauge technique
  • Dirt filter in pump inlet
  • Seals and decoupling elements made of silicone 
  • Mechatronic or terminal box versions

The MechaTron® LQ S can also be delivered with a hopper and lid made of stainless steel material no. 1.4404/1.4571, an agitator for the feed hopper, a mobile collection tray and a special lid for manual filling. Additional extras include electric heating and/or insulation, and silicone-free seals and decoupling elements.

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