Fairbanks Scales offers Trident Truck Scales with Intalogix® Technology

Fairbanks Scales offers Trident Truck Scales with Intalogix® Technology
Fairbanks Scales (USA) - Fast and easy installation of a quality concrete truck scale.

Fairbanks Scales, Inc., a leader in weighing technology, offers the Trident Truck Scale with Intalogix® Technology. The fully electronic, heavy capacity Trident scale is built with advanced methods for superior structural integrity, producing a longer-lasting scale with consistently reliable and accurate performance. The scale, which is built to federal bridge standards, can be shipped from the factory and installed in one day.

The Trident Truck Scale features a factory-poured and steam-cured concrete deck for permanent above ground or shallow pit type use. The engineered 8,000 psi concrete, finished under American Concrete Institute (ACI) guidelines, wears better than steel, resulting in a longer-lasting scale.

The Trident’s open-bottom design creates a natural ventilation system, while the solid deck design resists deflection and metal fatigue giving it the lowest deflection in the industry. Armored stainless steel load cell cabling is provided for durability and load cells are hermetically sealed to protect from moisture. The Trident also features encapsulated circuit boards, a scale industry exclusive.

All Trident scales come with Fairbanks’ innovative, proprietary Intalogix Technology. This digital technology, developed exclusively by Fairbanks, achieves the highest levels of accuracy, reliability and surge protection to provide the most dependable system available in today’s weighing equipment. Intalogix Technology offers consistent performance with industry-leading protection.

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