Hand-Held pressure calibration by Calog Instruments

Hand-Held pressure calibration by Calog Instruments
Calog Instruments (South Africa) - Instrotech’s locally designed and manufactured Calog range of portable process control calibrators incorporate the most modern component technology, comprehensive feature capabilities and tough package design, making the units ideal for use in servicing, repairs in workshops and in tough plant environments.

Calog - PRESSURE ll pressure calibrator:
In its second generation, this is the instrument for testing, measuring and calibration of all pressure based systems. In addition, the instrument contains functions to install and maintain all powered and non-powered milliamp loops.

This high precision calibrator is suitable for the process industry and apart from pressure measurement, can also measure DC voltage, milliamps, circuit continuity and will source and simulate milliamps.

The Calog – PRESSURE ll uses the Keller series PA-33x digital pressure sensors which are easily plugged into the calibrator via the Binder connector. The ‘measure pressure and milliamp’ function can be used for pressure transmitter calibration. The ‘source milliamp and measure pressure’ function can be used for I/P converter testing or calibration. With TRACKING switched on, the milliamp output will follow the measured pressure making it perfect for recording, data-logging or in place of a pressure transmitter in an emergency.

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