Harvester® LSC Livestock Scales NTEP Certified from Cardinal Scale

Harvester® LSC Livestock Scales NTEP Certified from Cardinal Scale
Cardinal Scale (USA) - Cardinal Scale’s Harvester® LSC Series Stationary Group Livestock Scales feature the highest-quality construction available on the market combined with incredibly cost-effective pricing. The NTEP legal-for-trade LSC series feature patent-pending, factory-poured concrete decks with high tensile strength and ridged surfaces for sure footing of livestock. Platform sizes up to 52.5-ft-long by 10-ft-wide with a 30-ton capacity allow entire semi tractor trailers with a herd full of livestock to be weighed accurately all at once. Three LSC sizes and capacities available range from 12.5 tons x 5 lbs up to 30 tons x 10 lbs.

Integral wiring conduit throughout the farm scale ensures rat-proofing security for the stainless steel USA-made 20,000-lb shear beam load cells. The scale arrives on-site from the factory with the load cell mounts fully assembled and ready for an easy and quick installation at stockyards, feedlots, sale barns, and private ranches. Cattle pens and two-end swing gates with 3-inch-square tubing are included with the LSC series, so you receive an entire livestock weighing package with the price of the scale.

The LSC series offers four hinge points on each of the swing gates with easy-close latches for added durability against cattle pushing on the gates. A gate specification sheet is available for the various opening orientations that are offered standard. Options such as dual gate latch mechanisms and horse risers to extend the top bar up to 111 inches high are also available.

Available models:
  • 1217-LSC 17.5 x 10 ft (12.5 ton capacity x 5 lb increments)
  • 2535-LSC 35 x 10 ft (25 ton capacity x 5 lb increments)
  • 3052-LSC 52.5 x 10 ft (30 ton capacity x 10 lb increments)
Cardinal’s model 212G and 212GX NTEP legal-for-trade weight indicators compliment the LSC series by featuring rugged outdoor enclosures and livestock weighing functionality. The indicators’ LCDs are visible in direct sunlight and make weighing entire herds of livestock simple. The 212G can provide time, date, ID, consecutive number, gross weight, head count, and average head weight for recording. USB-B is standard and USB-A is optional. The 212G offers 25 IDs, plus an alphanumeric keypad for ID entry.

The 212G features StableSENSE® digital filtering, which utilizes proprietary software algorithms to remove or greatly reduce changes in the weight display resulting from movement on the scale platform. This is extremely valuable when the 212G is paired with the LSC series group livestock scale, because StableSENSE® lessens the effect of animal movement on the scale to display an accurate weight.

More information about the Harvester® Stationary Group Livestock Scales can be found here.

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