Fairbanks Scales' New FB7100 Line of Vehicle Scale Instruments Improve Efficiency for General, Single-Scale Operations

Fairbanks Scales' New FB7100 Line of Vehicle Scale Instruments Improve Efficiency for General, Single-Scale Operations

Fairbanks Scales (United States) - Press Release: In many circumstances, vehicle weighing can be a complex process. However, in general, single-scale applications, the FB7100 Series is simplifying the process to meet the needs of a variety of operations.

Four new FB7100 Series scale instruments have been developed and available for analog scales or scales equipped with Intalogix® Technology.

The FB7100 Family:

The FB7101, FB7111, FB7102 and FB7112 offer unmatched user-friendly operation without sacrificing reliability or consistency. The easy-to-navigate menus and the graphic touch screen display, featuring large colorful buttons, allow the FB7100 to be an incredibly easy instrument to operate.

The FB7100 line has three available operating modes: Gross-Tare-Net (GTN), Inbound/Outbound, and Basic In/Out. The GTN mode allows for transaction processing and ticket printing with an auto tare or keyboard entered tare weight, while the Inbound/Outbound mode allows vehicles to weigh Inbound with a temporarily stored (renamable) Loop ID. Vehicles can weigh Inbound empty or full. The Basic mode is designed for applications where the gross and tare weight are the only printed information – with no calculated net weight.

The FB7100 Series is available in two enclosure designs. The NEMA 12 desktop enclosure is designed for office environments. Its compact size and the easy-to-use 5-inch touchscreen minimizes the impact on the limited space in the modern scale house. Plus, the aluminum and steel construction holds up against daily grind. The NEMA 4X stainless steel Washdown enclosure is perfect for applications where the instrument comes in contact with hose-directed water or large amounts of dust. It features a larger 7-inch touchscreen and a desk/wall mount bracket for convenient mounting.

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