Weightron Sloping Eurodeck Weighbridge solves problem for Bumble Hole Foods

Weightron Sloping Eurodeck Weighbridge solves problem for Bumble Hole Foods

Weightron Bilanciai Ltd (United Kingdom) - A special sloping Eurodeck weighbridge, designed and installed by Weightron Bilanciai, has significantly reduced potential civil engineering costs for Bumble Hole Foods at their plant in Worcestershire. The 15 metre, 50 tonne capacity pit weighbridge, which has been installed in the company’s new access road, accommodates a slope of 1 in 30, thereby removing the need to carry out extensive site levelling work.

Weightron’s sloping bridge technology uses special load cell mounting assemblies in conjunction with the weighbridge design to ensure correct load introduction and a stable structure, even under vehicle braking conditions. Weighbridges can be installed to accommodate slopes either from end to end, side to side across the width of the bridge, or a combination of both.

Bumble Hole’s Engineering Manager, Martin Fish is very pleased with the outcome of the project: “The weighbridge plays a vital role in accurately monitoring the weight of both incoming bulk raw materials and outgoing finished product. The new access road was the ideal location, but we were concerned that we would have to carry out extensive and expensive levelling work to ensure accurate weighing. Weightron’s unique sloping weighbridge technology has provided the perfect answer.”

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