Strain Systems Announces Weighing Solution for Skirted Silos

Strain Systems Announces Weighing Solution for Skirted Silos
Strain Systems Inc. (USA) - Documented Accuracy within 3% of Full Scale on a Plastic Pellets Silo

Strain Systems Inc. proudly introduces the industry’s first reliable, accurate, nonintrusive, continuous skirted silo weighing system.

Weight measurement for skirted silos has always been very challenging because of the physics of these structures, especially due to changes in temperature in the environment. Equipped with the temperature-compensated StrainCell™ technology, Strain Systems has developed a solution to weigh these silos with accuracy better than 3% of full scale. This accuracy was documented during a field test on a skirted silo used to store plastic pellets.

“We developed this solution because we’ve had a lot of customers asking us for it. Especially for low-psi skirted silos (below 1,500 psi), customers tell us they have tried all the other measurement products and nothing has worked,” said Kennan Yilmaz, president of Strain Systems. “Through months of hard work, we conducted our tests on a low-psi silo and proved that we can weigh these silos with 3% accuracy. Our new solution presents a big opportunity for the industry and for our company.”

In the course of the performance test, Strain Systems achieved another “first” in the industry: remote calibration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of the weighing system via email. Display and electronics hardware installed at the test site were monitored remotely with daily readings from both the StrainCell system and the reference load cell system on a hopper operated in conjunction with the silo. Parameters for a customized calibration curve for the silo were entered to the software/electronics via email transmission.

About Strain Systems:
Strain Systems Inc. offers inventory monitoring for storage silos using the latest technology developed by industrial instrument inventor Walter Kistler. StrainCell™ sensors install with a single bolt and provide fully temperature-compensated, highly accurate, nonintrusive, continuous weight and level measurement of bulk storage materials. Measurement readings are viewable on-site or anywhere in the world via Internet-enabled intelligent electronics. The company is headquartered in Bellevue, WA USA.

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