Weighbridge Management Systems vital to Riverside EFW Plant

Weighbridge Management Systems vital to Riverside EFW Plant
Weightron Bilanciai Ltd (UK) - A multi-weighbridge vehicle management system supplied by Weightron Bilanciai is playing a vital role at Cory Environmental’s Riverside Energy from Waste plant, recently commissioned on the banks of the Thames at Belvedere in Kent. Weightron have carried out the work on behalf of Costain Group plc, who have been the main civil engineering contractor for the project.

With an average annual capacity of approximately 600,000 tonnes, the EFW plant will be an important strategic river-served waste management facility for London, helping the capital to manage its own waste. It is estimated that the resource will keep over 100,000 HGVs off the capital's congested roads each year and the project has involved the construction of a special jetty to receive barges bringing the containerized waste.

Effective vehicle management and accurate weighing is essential for the site, especially on the space-restricted jetty and Weightron have worked closely with Costain in the planning phase to optimize vehicle movement and control.

Weightron’s scope of supply has included five driver-operated 18 metre Eurodeck digital weighbridges with special marine anti-corrosive coatings, nine Self800 driver-operated terminals, card readers/swallowers, control barriers, traffic lights and Safeweigh radiation detection systems. The driver-operated terminals and card readers/swallowers are used to manage weighed and non-weighed vehicle entry and exit to the site. At the heart of the overall weighbridge management system is Weightron’s powerful WinweighIV software system, which offers unrivalled control, weight data management and future-proof flexibility.

Two of the pit weighbridges have been installed on the jetty and three at the West and East gates respectively. The jetty weighbridges are used for weighing vehicles transporting waste containers from vessels arriving at the jetty and vehicles taking IBA (Incinerator Bottom Ash)* to the vessels departing from the jetty. Both weighbridges are configured so that each can operate bi-directionally if one of the weighbridges is taken out of service.

Given the restricted width of the jetty, the four Self800 driver-operated terminals and card readers allow authorised service vehicles to travel across the weighbridges without going through the weighing process. The two West Gate In-out weighbridges, which have four Self800 terminals, are used for weighing vehicles delivering raw materials and local waste to the plant as well as vehicles collecting residual materials. Bypass lanes with card readers/swallowers provide control and security for non-weighed service vehicles. As with the Jetty weighbridges, the West Gate weighbridges can operate bi-directionally as required.

The East Gate weighbridge is used for vehicles entering the site and again the two bypass lanes allow non-weighed service vehicles to enter the site. All vehicles entering via the East Gate depart via the West Gate. The Safeweigh radiation detection systems, which are installed at the West Gate weighbridge entrances and at one of the Jetty weighbridges, check if vehicles or containers entering the site are carrying radiation contaminated materials. The systems provide a radiation profile of the loads and if the preset radiation threshold is exceeded alarms are initiated and appropriate action taken to quarantine the vehicles.

*IBA is used to produce a sustainable recycled material called Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregate (IBAA). And this is already being used on the major M25 motorway widening scheme. The Riverside Energy from Waste facility at Belvedere in the London Borough of Bexley, has been Cory Environmental's single most significant development project Cory has been operating on the River Thames for over 110 years and is the largest lighterage operator in London, transporting around 600,000 tonnes of waste a year by water. Waste is transported in sealed containers on barges of 300-tonne capacity, which are pulled by tugs.

Cory currently operates a fleet of seven tugs and 47 barges. Four new Shoalbuster 2208 tugs, designed to be used in shallow waters, have been commissioned by Cory for the RRR facility. The majority of the waste for the Riverside facility is delivered from the four WRWA Boroughs. waste will also come from Cory's contract with the City of London.

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