Fast and accurate bagging of Twixit! with Yamato Scale Weigher

Fast and accurate bagging of Twixit! with Yamato Scale Weigher
Yamato Scale Co., Ltd. (Sweden) – Lindén International AB has boosted its performance and production of Twixit! bag clips as a result of installing Yamato Scale Dataweigh UK weighers, in conjunction with Yamato’s Swedish agents BL products AB.

The Customer’s business:
Lindén International AB can trace its roots to 1932, when Filip Lindén invested 1,000 Swedish Krona in purchasing a small house - in a deal which included a small stock of timber. He started to produce wooden pastry brushes with the surplus wood, eventually receiving orders from Stockholm businesses, growing steadily as he went along.

In the 1960’s, Filip began to produce the classic carpet-sweeper, Amanda, meeting with steady market success. In 1984, Filip’s son took over operations, leading to the official formation of Lindén International AB. A few years later, in 1987, one of their best sellers was introduced, the twixit! range of bag clips, hugely popular through their relationship with IKEA.

In 1998, Lindén International AB went on to acquire Motala Metalltryckning AB and the household division of AB Mekanoverken and now operates in 25 countries worldwide with continued market success.

Customer’s motivation for investment:
BL Products AB, Yamato’s agent in Sweden since 1996, was first approached by Lindén International AB (Lindén) for a new packaging solution, as it was seeking to boost the productivity and accuracy of their bag clips packaging process.

Their previous packaging solution was aging, and additionally, did not offer the high speed operations that other newer solutions on the market could, constraining twixit! production due to these technical limitations.

The bag clips, available in 4cm, 6cm, 8cm, 11cm and 14cm, were previously packaged using the same device.

Yamato’s solution:
In 2007 Lindén purchased a single Sigma Plus Multi-head weigher (ADW520MV), 5L capacity with 20 weighing heads, “The Sigma offered double the speed, with definite improvements to accuracy and efficiency” said Peter Cindric, of Lindén International AB.

“If you double the speed, you halve the packaging costs, as we say in Sweden,” said Mikael Mauermann, Sales & Marketing Manager of BL Products.

The Sigma was used to provide a mix bag selection, using a set of packaging specifications that comprised of weight, colour and size – a huge variety of possible combinations considering there were a total of 30 different clips of varying sizes and colours.

Capable of 220 weighs per minute in unconstrained speed operations, the Sigma multi-head weigher reaches 25-30 weighs per minute on the twixit! bag clips, with each mix pack consisting of 5 x long white clips, 5 x long red clips, 6 x short yellow clips, 8 x blue short clips and 6 x green short clips, Yamato’s solution delivers high speed sorting to precise specifications.

Included as part of the Sigma delivery were several optimisations, allowing for better handling and performance with the product, such as: 5 section infeed rings, 5 infeed photo sensors and RB type feeders (shaped to maximise efficiency with the twixit! range).

Additionally, an Advanced Interactive Command Console RCU 810-A (AICC-SE) and mix and count software (both with Swedish language support) were also provided, enhancing the process through real time reporting, precise customisation and specification options.

While this initial purchase offered large gains to Lindén’s production and output, there remained a need to improve throughput.

These challenges were addressed as part of Lindén’s second purchase of Yamato equipment.

“As our initial installation with BL Products was so positive, when we decided to purchase another packaging solution it wasn’t a question of who we should contact,” said Cindric, “but rather, ‘which Yamato product from BL Products would be best?’”

“The second installation was an evolution for Lindén’s production process – we purchased 5 Alpha Multihead weighers for the counting operations. 5 different scales, each changeable, which allowed for even faster performance than possible with the Sigma machine” said Cindric.

The second installation (for five ADW510ACC), ordered in 2011, was used for counting operations and offered increased customisability. “We were offered training and support for each installation, with each installation taking about a week, with a month or two of ‘on the job’ training as operations continued” said Cindric.

The Alpha weighers delivery also included several application parts provided to maximise performance and handling of Lindén’s bag clip range – with an infeed ring, V shaped Linear Feed Pans and a Load cell Level Sensor all contributing to the installation’s workflow reliability. Also included was the Remote Control Console (RCU 901C) and count software, both with Swedish language functionality and display.

Benefits for the Customer:
Both Yamato installations offered huge gains in general performance, speed and reliability to Lindén’s existing solution, with the 5 Alpha units further enhancing the capabilities of the production line.

“The ADW520MV has 20 heads, whereas each of the five Alpha weighers has 10, leading to a clear performance advantage” said Mauermann.

Both Yamato installations used by Lindén offer the ability to keep operating even when undergoing maintenance, “We’re very pleased with the machines, we’ve had no big problems or major obstacles since 2007, and any problems encountered means production and sorting doesn’t need to stop. We just remove the bucket with issues and leave the machines running, just slightly slower – a very easy solution while we look at repairs” said Cindric.

“When necessary, we run the machines 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. We do this at double the speed of our last solution, so this obviously means huge gains in productivity, which have been very impressive,” he concluded.

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