SILOSAFE EVO, an Assembly Kit certified EN 1090, for Tanks or Silos Weighing

SILOSAFE EVO, an Assembly Kit certified EN 1090, for Tanks or Silos Weighing

SCAIME S.A.S. (France) - SCAIME, a French leader in load cells and weighing solutions, presents the new SILOSAFE EVO weighing kit, which makes it possible to safely transform a tank or silo into a weighing system.

In the field of building structures installation, silo/tank manufacturers or plant engineering are now subject to the European regulation on construction products (N ° 305/2011). In particular, they must ensure that load-bearing elements of building structures have EC-marking in accordance with EN1090 norm.

Thus, to weigh its content, a silo or tank is usually placed on mounting kits that integrate load cells. The kits are then considered as load-bearing elements and must be EN1090 compliant.

To meet this requirement, SCAIME quality system is now certified according to EN1090 in EXC2 execution class. This certification allows SCAIME to propose the EC-marking of SILOSAFE EVO, ensuring its design and manufacturing conformity.

Covering a wide range of capacities from 250 kg to 300 tons, SILOSAFE EVO is associated with the R10X compression load cell. It offers a safe, accurate, low profile and easy to install weighing solution for static or dynamic applications.

For long-term lifetime, high stability and best weighing accuracy, the SILOSAFE EVO mounting kit includes:

  • A double high capacity device with lateral stops and lift-off prevention
  • A pendulum mounting allowing thermal structure expansion.
  • A holding device for fast load cell change.
  • For dynamic applications involving strong horizontal forces, each SILOSAFE EVO kit can be equipped with one or two stabilizing rods to maintain the structure.

Available in Zinc platted steel or stainless steel, the SILOSAFE EVO kit will satisfy the most demanding users looking for a weighing system with all the guarantees of safety and performance.

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